Energy Provision

As part of its development of both The Hilton Freetown Cape Sierra Hotel and the Mape Project, and in the present absence of reliable electricity supply in Sierra Leone, IDEA will be generating and supplying back-up power to meet the needs of both projects. Furthermore, IDEA (UK) has identified that the Energy Sector in Sierra Leone offers tremendous potential as the country’s energy needs are massively underserved with a conservatively estimated 126MW of currently unmet demand . This demand is growing all the time as the country develops, especially with the establishment and growth of large-scale mining projects and the integration of Sierra Leone into the West Africa Power Pool. 

If properly harnessed, Sierra Leone’s ample natural resources would be able to address 70-80% of its future electricity demand from renewable energy resources. “Green Energy” opportunities in the country include: an estimated 1,200 MW of hydro electric potential; solar power potential from 2,187 hours of sunshine a year; and biofuel production, both from waste from current agricultural activity and through cultivation of new land.