Senior FBN Bank Official Visits Hilton Freetown Cape Sierra Hotel Project

Mr Maxime Senecaut, a senior official of FBN Bank (UK) arrived in Freetown on Sunday 28th April for a short visit to the Hilton Freetown Cape Sierra Hotel project. FBN Bank (UK) and Afreximbank are the senior lenders to the project with FBN Bank (UK) being the principal lender during the construction phase of the project.


Maxime Senecaut (left) and Wilben Short at the Cape Sierra site

Mr Senecaut and the management of IDEA (SL), promoters of the project, met with key project stakeholders, including the Minister of Tourism & Cultural Affairs, the Chief of Staff in the President’s Office, and the General Manager of the National Tourist Board to update them on the developments to date.  Mr Senecaut also visited the Cape Sierra site with Mr Wilben Short, Managing Director, and Ms Trudy Morgan, Programme Director of IDEA (SL) respectively.

IDEA (UK) and FBN Bank (UK) have been working together over the last few months to complete the funding of the project.  They are now finalising arrangements to confirm the building contractor in order to resume work by end May/early June.

Mr Senecaut reported to the project stakeholders that Hilton Worldwide had sought to optimise the site potential by requiring a hotel design that was a significant improvement on the original.  Mr Senecaut remarked that having now seen the stunning beauty of the Cape Sierra site himself, he more fully appreciates the thought process of Hilton Worldwide.  The change in the design meant that the project costs increased from the original budget; however we have made excellent progress in filling the resulting funding gap.

Mr Senecaut said, “FBN Bank (UK) has worked with many developers and on many projects across West Africa.  Having worked closely with IDEA (UK) and IDEA (SL), it is clear their competence and professionalism will ensure that this project will succeed.  Together with our co-lender, Afreximbank, FBN Bank (UK) is committed to this project that will have a significant development impact on Sierra Leone.”

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